Henriette Steffensen

Henriette Steffensen

HENRIETTE STEFFENSEN COPENHAGEN, a Danish brand established in 2003, has always had a focus on fleece fabric. They have continuously developed this fabric, produced in Italy and Portugal, making it a key element in their collections.

Rather than solely following trends, the brand has chosen to prioritize lifestyle over fashion. They work meticulously on design, colours, and quality of workmanship to create garments that are meant to last for many years. They take pride in the fact that many of their designs remain beloved pieces long after they are purchased. This commitment to longevity aligns with their sustainability values, as it doesn't make sense to create clothes that are only meant to be worn for a single season.

In addition to their signature fleece fabric, HENRIETTE STEFFENSEN COPENHAGEN has also introduced jersey styles that embody the same soft and casual feeling. This ensures that their garments maintain a consistent aesthetic and DNA.

Sustainability is a significant aspect of the brand's identity, and they continuously strive to minimize their impact on the planet. One example of this is their NO WASTE label, which is a limited edition collection made from leftover materials from their production process.

Choose HENRIETTE STEFFENSEN COPENHAGEN for timeless and sustainable fashion that prioritizes quality and lasting comfort. Embrace their fleece and jersey styles, knowing that you are supporting a brand dedicated to reducing waste and creating garments that will remain wardrobe favorites for years to come.


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