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Spring 2021 Fashion Favourites

The Ultimate List of Closet Must-Haves for this Spring We are well into Spring/Summer 2021 and we will see a number of key trends emerging over the next few months. As we begin to take a step towards normal life, we may think more about our fashion choices and what to wear.  So, the team at Evelin Brandt have compiled a list of our favourite Spring/Summer fashion trends you need to look out for as we move into the end of April/May.

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Update Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

If you plan to sort your wardrobe and update it from Winter to Spring/Summer, here are our top 7 transition tips.... 1. Bulk To The Back The first thing on every transition plan should be to pack and hang up all the bulky winter coats, thick wool hats, and scarves since you probably won't be touching these clothes for the next few months. If you have plenty of wardrobe space move all of these to the back bringing lightweight coats to the front. If you are tight on space, then take the time to pack coats etc. away neatly so that when you swap your wardrobe around at the end of summer for winter they will still be in good...

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Isolation Style Tips Every Women Needs

Even though you are home, it's important not to loose your sense of style. Well how are your all?   Hopefully, you're all relaxing in lockdown and enjoying the opportunity to spend more time with family (whether in your household or remotely via Facebook or apps like Houseparty) and catching up on those little jobs around the house that you never seem to have had the time for.  If you are continuing to work on the frontline -  our huge thanks for all you are doing and hopefully this blog allows for some light relief. Although it may seem trivial, more and more we are hearing how getting up everyday and making an effort to get dressed and look good -...

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