Update Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

If you plan to sort your wardrobe and update it from Winter to Spring/Summer, here are our top 7 transition tips....

1. Bulk To The Back

The first thing on every transition plan should be to pack and hang up all the bulky winter coats, thick wool hats, and scarves since you probably won't be touching these clothes for the next few months. If you have plenty of wardrobe space move all of these to the back bringing lightweight coats to the front. If you are tight on space, then take the time to pack coats etc. away neatly so that when you swap your wardrobe around at the end of summer for winter they will still be in good condition once unpacked.

2. Swap For Spring

It’s still early days, so it can be tempting to cling to some of our winter clothes because the weather isn't quite warm enough. If you know the right winter-to-spring substitutes, you can still get the same cold-weather protection while updating your look and packing  away what you won't need. For example, you can trade a wool sweater for a cotton one and so on. You might want to keep a lightweight scarf to hand in case the weather turns which it can do early in Spring.

3. For A Rainy Day

Spring is the season of rain, so be sure to keep a lightweight raincoat and umbrella to the forefront of your wardrobe, while keeping those peep-toe sandals away for a while yet! If you haven’t got one, a lightweight trench coat is smart and stylish and looks great worn with jeans and trainers when you are out for a walk or on the grocery run over the next few weeks. Also dig out a large tote that allows you to carry an umbrella as well as your other essentials.

4. Save Your Faves

There will be items in your wardrobe that transcend the seasons. For example, your favourite pair of jeans, a leather jacket, a silk dress or blouse and perhaps an ankle boot - all of which can be worn differently depending on the season. Mixing separates from winter and wearing them in new ways for spring is a fun way to create a new look. Decide what these pieces are for you and how you can make them work for Spring.

5. Neutrals Are Your Friend

The Spring season, especially the earlier months, can be difficult to figure out in terms of what colours you choose to wear.  Just like you don't have to jump right into wearing bold colours you also don't have to ditch your favorite black and navy staples. Paired with Spring Pastels, black and navy are perfectly acceptable at this time of year - and if like us you love black clothes, you know they are a winner all year round.